The Ultimate Guide to Property Management Company Services

Property Management

Preparing a property to rent, screening tenants, collecting rent, maintaining and repairing the property, and financial reporting are all essential aspects of managing residential and commercial rental properties. Learn expert tips and insights to optimize costs and ensure a profitable investment.

Gain a competitive edge during negotiations by comparing fees charged by property management companies in your local market. Use this information to advocate for service customization, aligning fees with your property’s needs.

Rent Collection

The rent collection service provided by the best property management company Denver enables investors to streamline the process of receiving monthly tenant payments, enhancing efficiency and convenience. This feature is essential because it makes managing a rental easier for both parties and may improve cash flow.

Landlords can accept physical checks from their tenants or allow them to submit online payments using services, transforming how real estate investors and tenants work together. This program offers robust security measures to safeguard the privacy of both parties while assisting landlords in often automating uphill portions of the rent-collecting process, such as depositing checks and assessing late fines.

Alternatively, investors can have their tenants mail or drop off checks at their office, but this method can be more difficult for investors who live far from their properties. It can also lead to delays if checks get lost in the mail or are misplaced.

Tenant Screening

Tenant screening services are a crucial part of finding great tenants. Seasoned landlords will tell you that good tenants make the leasing process much smoother, reducing the number of issues, expenses, and time spent on maintenance.

The primary data needed to make a rental decision include credit reports, background checks, and eviction histories. Landlords should also consider a Resident Score, similar to a credit score but more narrowly focused on evaluating an applicant’s rental and payment history.

DoorLoop offers a streamlined way for landlords to get essential tenant screening information. They have a free primary membership option for landlords, plus wholesale pricing on all premium screening packages. Applicants cover the cost of these reports through a rental application fee. For more information, visit the DoorLoop website.


Property managers are responsible for preparing investment properties for rent, screening tenants, collecting rent, maintaining and repairing properties, and staying compliant with local regulations. They must also ensure that their rental income is coming in consistently and market their services well.

Property management firms must have deliberate, well-thought-out marketing plans for their desired clientele. Whether claiming their Google Business Profile, producing informative articles, or guest posting, digital marketing for property managers can boost online visibility and drive local search results.

Other marketing opportunities include attending local real estate meetups, industry conferences, or property investment seminars to network with prospective clients and establish credibility as an expert. Creating a personal connection with potential clients can also lead to new leads and client referrals.

Preparing for renters, screening residents, collecting rent, and maintaining the property are critical components of successful rental investment. This Guide to Property Management Services explores each aspect and offers tips and insights to help owners optimize returns on their rental investments.

To start, understand landlord-tenant laws. Understanding your state’s rules and regulations will help avoid legal conflicts and lawsuits.