Troubleshooting Steam Deck Tracking Number Not Working

Steam Deck Tracking Number Not Working

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The excitement of getting a new Steam Deck is hard to contain. You’ve been waiting months for your reservation to become available for purchase. At last, your Steam Deck has shipped and you received that coveted tracking number. However, despite obsessively checking the tracking, it’s not updating or providing any information about your package. What gives? Don’t panic, there are a few things you can try to get your Steam Deck tracking number working again.

How To Check Steam Deck Order / Shipping Status!

Why Steam Deck Tracking Number Not Working

There are some common reasons Why Steam Deck Tracking Number Not Working or updating properly:

Incorrect Tracking Number Entered

Double-check that the tracking number you received in your Steam shipment confirmation email matches what you are entering on the carrier website. A simple typo can make it look like the tracking number isn’t valid. Carefully review the number, character by character, to ensure it is correct.

Tracking Number Not Yet Active

Keep in mind there is usually a delay between when the shipping label is created and when the tracking number activates in the carrier’s system. It is not uncommon for a tracking number to take 24-48 hours after getting it to start updating. Be patient and check again later.

Carrier Tracking System Issue

Sometimes there are technical issues on the shipping carrier’s end that prevent tracking from updating. Their servers could be down or overwhelmed. Try again later or contact customer support for assistance.

How to Fix Steam Deck Tracking Number Not Working

If you’ve verified the tracking number and given it enough time to activate but it still doesn’t work, try these troubleshooting tips:

Double Check Tracking Number

Look at the tracking number again in the Steam email and on the carrier’s website. Make absolutely sure it is entered correctly without any typos or missing characters. Copy and paste the number if possible versus manually typing it.

Contact Steam Support

Reach out to Steam’s customer service for help. Provide them with your order details and inquire about the tracking number. They can look into the shipment status and confirm the correct tracking number for you.

Steam Deck Tracking Number Not Working

Wait 24-48 Hours and Try Again

Be patient and wait a day or two before trying the tracking again. Shipping carriers can experience delays in updating systems. Give it some time before assuming there is an issue.

Contact Shipping Carrier

If it has been several days and the tracking still doesn’t work, contact the shipping carrier directly. They can investigate why it is not updating. You will need the order details and tracking number.

Tips for Tracking Steam Deck Package

To ensure your Steam Deck tracking works properly, keep these tips in mind:

Use Official Tracking Site

Always use the carrier’s official website for tracking versus third-party sites which may have incorrect info. For Steam Deck, this is usually FedEx, UPS, or your local postal service.

Be Patient

Understand it takes time for tracking systems to update. Avoid constantly refreshing the tracking page and give it 24 hours before worrying.

Have Order Details Ready

Make sure you have your order/tracking number, ZIP code, and other details available when contacting support about tracking issues. This helps them quickly find your shipment information.

In summary, don’t stress too much if your Steam Deck tracking number does not work right away. There are several troubleshooting steps you may take to get it running again. With some patience and help from customer service, you’ll get that tracking info operational in no time. Enjoy your awesome new handheld gaming PC when it finally arrives!

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Final Words

A Steam Deck Tracking Number Not Working can be frustrating, but is usually fixable. Double-check the number entered, allow time for the system to update, contact Steam support if needed, and have patience. With the right troubleshooting approach and a little time, you can get that tracking to work properly. Soon enough, you’ll have your Steam Deck in hand ready for mobile gaming fun.

What should I do if my Steam Deck tracking number is invalid?

Carefully review the tracking number from your Steam email for any typos or errors. Also verify it is for the correct shipping carrier. Contact Steam support if you need confirmation of the correct number.

How long does it take for the Steam Deck tracking number to start working?

It can take 24-48 hours after getting the tracking number for it to activate in the shipping carrier’s system. Allow 1-2 days before assuming there is an issue.

My Steam Deck tracking hasn’t been updated in days, what should I do?

Contact the shipping carrier directly for assistance. There may be a technical issue on their end preventing updates. They can investigate and resolve it.

Why does my Steam Deck tracking show delivered but I don’t have it?

There may have been a delivery mistake. Contact the shipping carrier immediately and Steam for help locating your package or arranging re-delivery.

How can I track my Steam Deck if I lost the tracking number?

Contact Steam Support. They can look up your order details and provide you with the correct tracking number again. You may additionally need to confirm your account statistics.