FedEx Money Order: Rates, Fees, and Limits

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Discover the rates, fees, and limits of FedEx Money Order in our comprehensive guide. Secure, fast, and reliable money transfers. Make informed financial decisions today!

Sending money securely and swiftly is crucial in today’s hurried environment. FedEx Money Orders offer a dependable and effective method of sending money, but it’s important to comprehend the rates, taxes, and limitations attached to this service. We will delve into the complexities of FedEx money orders in this extensive article, giving you all the knowledge you need to make wise financial decisions.

What Are FedEx Money Orders?

FedEx Money Orders are a type of financial instrument that offers high levels of security for sending money both locally and abroad. They provide a trusted means of transferring money and are a well-liked substitute for conventional banking procedures.

How to Purchase Federal Express Money Orders

You can go to your local FedEx location to buy Federal Express Money Orders. You must include the recipient’s details, such as name and contact information. You can pay for the money order, which includes the principal sum and related fees, after completing the required papers.

FedEx Money Order Rates

Domestic Money Orders

Domestic Federal Express Money Orders have reasonable fees that change depending on the amount you want to send. For the most recent pricing, make sure to contact your local FedEx office since these rates are subject to change.

FedEx Domestic Money Order

International Money Orders

For international money orders, FedEx offers competitive exchange rates. However, keep in mind that there may be additional fees associated with international transfers, including currency conversion fees and taxes.

Fees Associated with FedEx Money Orders

When using Federal Express Money Orders, it’s crucial to be aware of potential fees that may apply.

Service Fees

FedEx charges a service fee for processing money orders. This fee is typically a percentage of the total amount being sent. Ensure you inquire about these fees when purchasing your money order.

FedEx Money Order fees

Cancellation Fees

If you need to cancel a Federal Express Money Order, there may be cancellation fees involved. These fees vary based on the amount and the stage of processing. Always check the terms and conditions associated with your money order for cancellation details. Read also Vevor chain hoist reviews.

Limits on FedEx Money Orders

To maintain security and prevent fraud, FedEx imposes certain limits on money orders.

Daily Limits

There is a daily limit on the amount you can send via Federal Express Money Orders. This limit may vary by location, so it’s advisable to check with your local FedEx office.

Monthly Limits

In addition to daily limits, FedEx also imposes monthly limits on money orders. This helps prevent misuse of the service and ensures compliance with legal regulations.

Benefits of Using Federal Express Money Orders

Using FedEx Money Orders offers several benefits:

  • Security: FedEx Money Orders come with built-in security features to protect your funds.
  • Speed: Money orders are processed quickly, ensuring your recipient gets the funds promptly.
  • Accessibility: FedEx has numerous locations, making it convenient to purchase and send money orders.

Security Measures

FedEx takes security seriously when it comes to money orders. Each money order includes features such as watermarks, security threads, and unique serial numbers to prevent forgery and fraud.

How to Track a FedEx Money Order

If you’ve sent a Federal Express Money Order and want to track its status, you can easily do so through the FedEx website or by contacting their customer service. You will need the serial number and other relevant details to track your money order.

FedEx Money Order track

People Looking For

Can I purchase a FedEx Money Order online?

Currently, FedEx Money Orders must be purchased in person at a FedEx location.

Are Federal Express Money Orders refundable?

Yes, FedEx Money Orders are refundable, but cancellation fees may apply.

What should I do if my Federal Express Money Orders is lost or stolen?

Contact FedEx customer service immediately to report the loss or theft and initiate the necessary steps to secure your funds.

Are there any restrictions on who can purchase Federal Express Money Orders?

Generally, anyone can purchase a FedEx Money Order as long as they meet the identification requirements at the FedEx location.

How long does it take for a Federal Express Money Orders to reach the recipient?

A FedEx Money Order’s transit time to the beneficiary is determined by the location and FedEx service selected. In general, it is a quick and dependable choice.


Rate$1.95 for any amount up to $500. For amounts over $500, the rate is $2.95.
Cashing feeNo fee to cash a Federal Express Money Orders at a FedEx location. However, there may be a fee to cash a FedEx money order at a non-FedEx location.
Maximum amount$10,000
Purchase locationFedEx location or authorized retailer
Identification requiredYes
AcceptanceAccepted at most businesses and organizations
Ease of purchase and cashingEasy
CostCan be expensive, especially for large amounts of money
Difficulty of cashing without IDDifficult
Risk of loss or theftCan be lost or stolen