Does CVS Sell Stamps: Stamps of the Future

does cvs sell stamps

Explore the convenience of buying Does CVS Sell Stamps with our comprehensive guide. Find out if your local CVS offers postal stamps.

In 2024, CVS will still offer stamps, thus the answer to your question is yes. Postage Does CVS Sell Stamps are sold in the US by several stores, including CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and others. The cost of stamps at CVS is the same as that of the US Post Office, and you can select from a wide selection of stamps to meet your requirements. We will cover all the information you require for purchasing stamps does cvs sell postage stamps?

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If you need to buy stamps for your mail, this post will help you save money and time. It is worth reading. Additionally, you’ll pick up some pointers and strategies for using stamps effectively. Now let’s get going!

HOW TO FIND Does CVS Sell Stamps

does cvs sell stamps
Close-up of a blurred postage stamp with an American flag and a faint image of a building in the background, through a magnifying glass

It’s simple to find Does CVS Sell Stamps? To locate the closest CVS location that sells stamps, utilize the store locator. If the store has stamps in stock, you can also ask them over the phone. Stamps are usually stocked in most CVS stores, however, rarely some may run out. Get More Info Mail Stamps.

You can ask for the number of stamps you require at the checkout counter once you’ve located a Does CVS Sell Stamps that sells them? Stamps can be purchased in rolls of 100 or booklets of 20 stamps. If you only require one or two stamps, you may also purchase them separately. Does CVS sell holiday stamps?

Additionally, CVS Pharmacy, a division of CVS Health, carries stamps. In addition to selling snacks, drinks, and other items for health and beauty, CVS Pharmaceutical is a well-known pharmaceutical chain in the US. Stamps are priced the same in CVS Pharmacy as they are in CVS shops. Does CVS Pharmacy sell postage stamps?


does cvs sell stamps
A varied collection of old postage stamps with different designs, colors, and postmarks, scattered on a surface

There is a wide range of stamps available at CVS for various uses. The Forever Stamp, a first-class stamp that may be used to mail a regular letter weighing up to one ounce within the US, is the most popular kind of stamp that CVS sells. The phrase “Forever” and an image of the US flag are included on the Forever Stamp. Purchasing Forever Stamps has the benefit of never expiring, so you can use them even if postage costs go up in the future. Does CVS sell stamps and envelopes?

In addition, CVS offers a variety of first-class stamps with designs and subjects ranging from flowers and animals to holidays and celebrities. If you want to give your mail a little flair and individuality, you can purchase these stamps. But be aware that not all CVS locations may carry these stamps, and their supply may be restricted. does cvs sell books of stamps?

CVS offers international stamps in addition to first-class stamps, which are useful for mailing messages and parcels to foreign nations. The cost of an international stamp varies based on the mail’s weight and destination. For additional details on foreign mailing costs and restrictions, see the USPS website.


does cvs sell stamps
An assortment of colorful postage stamps from Canada featuring historical figures, animals, and landmarks.

The kind and quantity of stamps you purchase at CVS will determine how much they cost. A Forever Stamp costs $0.58 as of 2024, the same as what the US Post Office charges. Forever Stamps are available in booklets of 20 for $11.60 and rolls of 100 for $58. Does CVS sell Christmas stamps?
The cost of other first-class stamp varieties may vary based on their availability and design. A booklet containing 20 stamps featuring wild orchids costs $12, and a booklet including 20 stamps featuring the Lunar New Year costs $11.80.

The cost of international stamps varies based on the mail’s weight and destination. For instance, $1.30 gets you a Global Forever Stamp that may be used to mail a one-ounce letter to any nation.
At CVS, you can use cash, a credit card, a debit card, or a gift card to purchase stamps. When you purchase at CVS, you can also utilize your ExtraCare card, a customer loyalty program that offers you savings and incentives. Does CVS sell individual stamps?


does cvs sell stamps
A vintage airmail envelope with a blue “AIRMAIL” stamp and red and blue borders, postmarked from Windsor, Ontario, and addressed to the USA.

You can purchase stamps online from Does Does CVS Sell Stamps Sell Stamps if you’d rather not visit a physical store. You can peruse the CVS stamp collection by going to their website. In addition to price, brand, category, and rating, you can filter. Does CVS sell stamps near me?

You can add the stamps you wish to purchase to your basket and check them out after you’ve found them. Either register for an account or sign in with an already-existing account is required. Your mailing address and payment method must also be provided. Does CVS sell usps stamps?

Depending on your desired speed of delivery, you can select from a variety of shipping alternatives for your stamps. If you would rather avoid paying shipping fees and pick up your stamps at your neighborhood CVS, you can also choose for free in-store pickup.

A 100% satisfaction guarantee is provided by CVS for all of its items, including stamps. You have 60 days to return your item for a complete refund or exchange if you’re not delighted with it.


Within 60 days of purchase, you can return any stamps you purchased from CVS. Both your receipt and the stamps’ original packaging are required. Your stamps can be returned by mail or at any CVS location.
You must call CVS customer service at 1-888-607-4287 to request a return label to ship back your stamps. After that, you’ll need to safely wrap your stamps and adhere the return label to the package. A copy of your receipt and a message stating the reason for the stamped return is also required. See more Info Futur Business.

After that, you can choose whichever carrier to send your package with. Unless there was a mistake on the part of CVS, you will be liable for the shipping charges. Within ten business days of receiving your package, CVS will complete your refund or exchange. Does CVS sell holiday stamps?

Final Thoughts

In 2024, CVS will be a handy location to purchase Does CVS Sell Stamps for both personal and business use. At CVS, a variety of postal stamps are available, such as thematic, foreign, and forever stamps. In addition to purchasing stamps online via the CVS website, you may purchase them at CVS for the same price as the US Post Office. If for any reason you are unhappy with your stamps, you can also return them to CVS.

Here are some key points to remember when buying stamps at CVS:

  • In the majority of its US pharmacies and retail locations, CVS sells stamps.

    • Stamps can be purchased individually, in rolls of 100, or in booklets of 20 stamps.
    • A variety of stamp types are available, including foreign, themed, and forever stamps.

    • You can pay with cash, credit card, debit card, gift card, or ExtraCare card for your stamps at CVS; • You can purchase stamps online from the CVS website and select from a variety of shipping choices or free in-store pickup; • The price of stamps at CVS is the same as the price at the US Post Office.
    • If you return your stamps to CVS with your receipt and original packaging, you can do so within 60 days after purchase.
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A historical airmail envelope adorned with Canadian postage stamps, signifying the traditional way of international correspondence.


Can you buy stamps at CVS?

Yes, CVS sells stamps at most of its locations. They typically offer booklets rather than individual stamps, so you can stock up for future needs.

Does Walmart sell stamps?

Yes, Walmart sells stamps at all their Supercenters and many of their Neighborhood Markets, usually available at the checkout lanes or customer service desk.

Can I buy stamps at CVS Reddit?

According to discussions on Reddit, many CVS stores do sell stamps. It’s advised to call your local CVS beforehand to confirm availability.