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Discover why your DHL Shipment on Hold and get solutions to resolve the delay. Track and manage your package effectively.

Is your DHL shipment on hold? Have you gotten a notification of this? That “on hold” status can be unsettling, for sure. Your DHL shipment could be delayed for a number of reasons, though, and the hold is frequently just temporary. Continue reading to learn the most frequent reasons a DHL cargo gets put on hold as well as solutions to get your box shipped again.


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It can be unsettling to see the designation “on hold” next to your DHL tracking details. But it only means that DHL is unable to proceed with your cargo at this time and that your parcel is being temporarily delayed.

You may be confident that your DHL shipment is safe and will soon resume its journey, even though your box is currently “on hold.” Your shipment may not necessarily be experiencing an issue if it is in an on-hold status. It just means that your package isn’t getting to where it’s supposed to because of a brief delay.

Some common reasons that a DHL shipment might be placed on hold include:

  • Delay at customs for clearance
  • Missing or incorrect paperwork
  • Port congestion
  • Natural disasters/severe weather
  • Temporary closure of a DHL facility

Although it’s naturally annoying to have your item delayed, if your DHL shipment is on hold, try not to worry too much. Usually, the matter is settled in a few days. Read on to find out why packages are delayed and what you can do to expedite the processing of your shipment. Get More Info DHL.


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Your DHL shipment could be put on hold for a while for several reasons. These are a few of the most typical reasons:

Delay at Customs for clearance

When a DHL shipment is placed on hold, customs clearance is one of the most common causes. Customs must be cleared for all overseas shipments before they can proceed to their destination.

Customs officers may delay shipments as they examine the contents and check all related documentation, including the packing list, bill of lading, and commercial invoice. A missing or erroneous piece of information will cause a delay in the customs clearance process.

How long customs take to clear a cargo is not under DHL’s control. However, most shipments are processed in one to three days. You might need to get in touch with DHL to look into the status of your shipment if customs holds it for more than a week.

Issues with Paperwork

Your DHL cargo may be delayed by incomplete or inaccurate paperwork in addition to delays resulting from customs.

Many important documents, including a bill of lading, packing list, and commercial invoice, are needed for international shipments. Customs and DHL won’t be able to handle your shipment if any documentation is missing, incomplete, or inaccurate.

Verify again that all required documentation has been provided and that the information is correct, including addresses, product descriptions, and quantity. Contact DHL right away if something doesn’t seem right so they can help you resolve any problems.

Port Congestion

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Your DHL delivery might have to travel through crowded ports if it is shipping internationally, which could create delays. When a port handles more container ship traffic than it can effectively manage, port congestion results. After holidays, when import volumes surge, this often occurs.

Cargo and containers may remain in port for days or weeks before being removed from ships when congestion gets bad. The entire supply chain is slowed down by this cascading effect, which frequently results in parcel delays.

There’s no way DHL can regulate port congestion. Get in touch with DHL if your package appears to be stuck to find out if the shipment hold is due to port congestion.

Natural Disasters or Other Disruptions

DHL shipments may occasionally be delayed due to bad weather or other disturbances like civil upheaval.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, and strong winter storms are examples of natural disasters that may require DHL to temporarily halt delivery services in the impacted areas. If a box was in route when the interruption happened, DHL will probably keep it until business is back up and running.

Delivery delays caused by unanticipated situations are annoying but inevitable. Until the situation has eased and DHL’s couriers can safely access the area once more, they will not be able to deliver your shipment.


Checking your tracking information for more information on the status is the first thing to do if you receive notification that your DHL shipment is on hold.

Enter your tracking number on the DHL website or mobile app. This will provide you with the most recent details regarding the whereabouts and status of your delivery. You can typically find out why DHL put your shipment on hold by looking through the tracking history.

For instance, the monitoring information can indicate that the wait is the result of a “weather disruption” or a “clearance delay.” You can comprehend the delays better with the help of this information.

In order to find out why your shipment is being held, you might need to get in touch with DHL directly if the tracking status is just “on hold” with no other information. Your shipping status can be specifically investigated and provided by their customer support team.


There’s no doubt that when you see that annoying “on hold” tracking status, you’re left wondering what follows next. When a DHL shipment is put on hold, you can take the following actions:

Contact DHL Customer Service

Whenever you have a shipment that is on hold, you should always contact DHL customer service first.

You can use DHL’s online live chat service or give them a direct call. Describe the circumstances and supply the tracking number. After that, the DHL staff can check the status of your package and provide a detailed explanation for the hold.

The DHL customer service representatives can assist you in resolving any difficulties that may be causing the hold, such as missing documents or inaccurate addresses so that your item can be sent again.

Double Check Paperwork

Carefully go over all of the documentation again if customs or paperwork is putting your DHL shipment on hold. Verify again that the bill of lading, packing list, and business invoice you have are accurate and comprehensive.

Check that the documentation and shipping label match in terms of all product data, addresses, and other pertinent information. Inaccurate or contradicting information is a major cause of shipments being delayed in route. Prompt mistake detection can help prevent long delays.

Even though it can be annoying, there are situations when there is nothing you can do but wait for the delay to end. There is sadly no quick fix if natural calamities, port traffic, or customs backlogs cause your delivery to be delayed.

Don’t overthink things, though. Most shipments that are delayed for three days or less are the result of bad weather or import difficulties. When on brief holds, refrain from continuously asking DHL for updates on your order. Rather, concentrate your efforts on more positive fixes.

Change Delivery Address

If your shipment is delayed in transit, you might try changing the delivery address to a different area. For instance, ask to have your shipment delivered to a different address that is closer to the country of origin if port congestion is preventing it from reaching its destination. Then, it can completely avoid using the blocked ports.

Just remember that this will only be useful if the package is able to bypass the initial impediment that caused the hold thanks to the address change. See whether changing your address can help DHL deliver your package faster.

Pick Up Package in Person

Lastly, picking it up in person might allow you to receive your package faster and save time. Instead of waiting for regular delivery, you can pick up your shipment whenever it becomes available from any of DHL’s retail locations across the globe.

To find out if there is a hold-for-pickup option, get in touch with DHL. Instead of waiting for delivery, you can pick up your package in person when it’s ready. Nevertheless, you may usually only pick up your package in person if you live close to the DHL location where it is being stored. dhl shipment on hold exception.


A DHL shipping wait is usually not cause for concern. A lot of holds are lifted after a few working days, allowing the cargo to resume its journey. dhl exception shipment on hold.

However, there are certain circumstances when an on-hold status warrants concern:

  • The hold has lasted over 2 weeks with no updates from DHL
  • DHL is unable to provide details on the reason for the hold
  • You have verified the work is accurate but the package remains stuck in customs
  • The delivery delay has now impacted extremely time-sensitive contents

When a package that is on hold becomes more concerning than just momentarily delayed, use your best judgment. Do not hesitate to respectfully escalate your complaints with DHL customer support if you believe your cargo has been in limbo for an excessively long period of time. dhl shipment is on hold meaning.

Even though DHL might not be able to directly address outside problems preventing your delivery, they ought to be keeping you informed about its progress. Escalation is warranted in cases when DHL fails to provide an explanation for prolonged detention. shipment on hold dhl shein.

HOW TO AVOID DHL Shipment on Hold

Apply your best judgment when a package that is on hold creates more than a minor delay. Please feel free to politely escalate any issues you may have if you think your cargo has been delayed for an unduly lengthy time to DHL customer care. dhl shipment on hold new york.

While DHL may not be able to directly handle external issues impeding your delivery, they should nonetheless be keeping you updated on its status. If DHL is unable to offer a justification for extended detention, then an escalation is necessary. dhl shipment on hold due to local issue.

Planning and preparedness will help you reduce needless DHL cargo holds. But even with your best efforts, there could be the odd delay. You can get out of annoying on-hold situations with the least amount of trouble if you know the typical causes and clever resolution strategies. meaning of dhl shipment on hold.

Final Thoughts:

Experiencing a DHL shipment on hold can be frustrating, but it’s essential to stay calm and informed. Understanding the reasons behind the delay and taking proactive steps to address them can help expedite the process. Remember to utilize DHL’s customer support resources for assistance and keep track of your package’s status regularly. With patience and diligence, you can navigate through the hold and ensure the successful delivery of your shipment. shipment on hold dhl meaning.


Why is my DHL package taking so long?

Delays can occur due to various reasons such as customs clearance, high shipment volume, or unforeseen circumstances like weather disruptions.

What if DHL won’t deliver my package?

If DHL is unable to deliver your package, they may hold it at a facility or attempt delivery again. You can contact DHL customer service for assistance.

Why is my shipment on hold?

Shipments can be placed on hold for reasons like incomplete address information, customs clearance issues, or security checks. Contact DHL for specifics on your shipment.