Blue Takis Nutrition Facts

Blue Takis Nutrition Facts

Occasional Snack for get-togethers

Blue Takis Nutrition Facts article lets you decide the frequency with which you can afford to ingest the tasty treat by keeping in view its nutritional chart 

The most popular and cherished blue takis have swept the world off its feet due to their bright colors and crunchy and tangy flavor. Blue Takis Nutrition Facts dives into the ingredients and nutritional value of the zippy-flavored and blue-colored fiery chips. The nutrition values have been divided into healthy nutrition and heavy diet. The following ingredient and nutrition fact chart is based on a single serving of 28 grams.

Heavy Diet Nutritional Chart

Blue Takis Nutrition Facts

Calories Count

The first and foremost concern for anyone regarding eating any snack or meal is the Calories count. According to Blue Takis nutrition facts, the mentioned single serving has approximately 150 calories.

Sodium Count

One concern regarding blue takis nutrition facts is that its single serving contains quite high sodium content i.e. 260 milligrams. It’s better to put your guard on when you happen to munch them frequently.


Blue takis are rich in carbohydrates to provide you an instant energy. A single serving usually comprises 16 grams of carbs.  


This zingy snack is popular for its fiery flavor and it contains pretty high-fat contents warning you to check its quantity and frequency. It’s each serving has 8 grams of fat.


Surprisingly blue takis nutrition facts reveal that the contents of sugar are very low in the snack. There is barely less than 1 gram of sugar in the snacks.

Allergen Information Blue Takis Nutrition Facts

There is a probability that blue takis contain ingredients like wheat, soy, and milk. If you are allergic to either of these ingredients, it’s always recommended to browse the Blue takis nutrition facts. It is always given at the back side of the wrapper or you can even check the packaging for the ingredients or allergen information before you plan to buy or eat them.

Artificial Flavouring

It is quite pertinent to note that Blue Takis nutrition facts reveal that it acquires its zesty flavor from artificial flavoring. 

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Healthy Nutritional Chart

The following list includes Blue Takis Nutrition facts that are healthy for eating. That being said, it should be kept in mind that takis are not a source of significant healthy nutritional value.


Takis doesn’t have rich reserves of protein; it barely has 2 grams per serving.


It is pretty low in calcium content, a single serving contains approximately 2% of the daily recommended intake of calcium.


It is not an iron-rich snack, providing barely 2% of the total required intake of iron daily.


Just like protein, calcium, and iron content, the fiber content in the takis is quite low. It contains roughly 1 gram per single serving.

Vitamin C

It is important to note that it doesn’t contain Vitamin C.

Vitamin A

The same is the case with vitamin A; blue takis nutrition facts reveal no trace of vitamin A.

Final Thought

Thus, according to the blue takis nutrition facts, it is a zingy, eye-catching, and go-to snack with a longer shelf life but it doesn’t offer much on the healthy nutrition front. While it can provide you an instant energy, it isn’t recommended for frequent intake.