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The Unipart Group is a leading full service logistics provider that also delivers consultancy services in operational excellence and supply chain.                      

The Unipart Way is more than a set of Lean tools and techniques. It’s a way of working that engages our staff, commits them to world-class performance and embeds a culture of continuous improvement. In particular it empowers employees to solve problems at their own level: this has the effect of boosting productivity and enabling us to be more flexible and responsive.

What is Lean?
The Lean philosophy that guides Unipart Logistics can be summed up in a single sentence: “The elimination of waste, the relentless search for improvements in productivity and customer service, and the sustained motivation of the workforce to solve these and other problems at their own level.”
  • Visual Management - We use this powerful management tool to reveal workplace standards and conditions so quick decisions can be made.
  • Faculty on the Floor - ‘Learn at 10, do at 11’. Using workplace-based learning centres, we quickly spread best practice through the organisation so employees can start applying new knowledge and skills straight away.
  • Communication Cells - These are where teams meet to discuss their performance against customer KPIs. They make it easy to respond quickly to changes in strategy or customer requirements.
  • Standard Work - At the heart of The Unipart Way, Standard Work ensures high levels of performance, safety and productivity. It delivers repeatable, reliable and capable processes for customer operations.
  • ‘Our Contribution Counts’ Circles - This technique helps Unipart Logistics employees to find the cause and best solutions for complex problems.
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